Sunday, March 15, 2009


Look Out, New Yorkers...

Black Hand Has An Auto.

Maintaining the American spirit of up-to-dateness, which is said to attain its most perfect flower in New York, the Black Hand has now added the automobile to its working machinery.... Gus Marino, who has a prosperous junk business at 2045 First Avenue, between 107th and 108th Streets, has been receiving Black Hand letters for two months, demanding all the way from $5000 to $5. He did not honor even the lowest demands.

... Marino stepped out of his store to get a cigar at the corner of 108th Street, [when] the machine came racing up to him. It swerved to the curb. One of the three men jumped out, yelled, "Hurrah for the Black Hand," or words that effect, and shot three bullets at Gus Marino.
NY Times, 2/13/1909

No word on whether they then yelled "23 Skidoo!" as they sped off...

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