Saturday, January 31, 2009


This One Goes to Eleven... Ounces

Encountered while trawling patent files:

Patent No. 739827
Issued Sept. 29, 1903 to George H. Butzbach

The nature of the invention will best be understood by describing the mode of its use. It is intended to be used in connection with a single-act comedy or farce, in which, the comedian brings the double bass viol upon the stage with the dogs in their compartments and with the various refreshments or other articles also in place. The instrument is drawn onto the stage on a small truck, and when in such position the doors of the dog-compartments are opened and the dogs are allowed to escape therefrom, whereupon they proceed to perform the tricks, musical or otherwise, to which they have been trained. In the course of the performance the comedian will insert the faucet through the two apertures, will open the door leading to the liquid-compartment, will open the bottles of beer or others placed therein with their necks downward, and will draw the beer from the tank through the faucet. He will also reach into the other compartment and will draw solid refreshments or other articles therefrom that may be necessary for the performance of the comedy.

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