Sunday, July 27, 2008


Portland Flips You Off

This week's Willamette Week on local outfit Fliptography:

Animated flip books – those old-timey, handheld series of photos or drawings that vary ever so slightly from page to page – have been working our thumbs since the late 1800s. But it took a 26-year-old queer dude from Texas, “fliptographer” Jason Miers, to figure out how to make it brand new for this century. Miers, a former med student who now lives in Portland, created the technology that allows him to make fliptography books lickety-split, whether it be at bar mitzvahs or gay bars. Miers’ happy-time machine records seven seconds of video of a moving object–say, a cute guy stripping his shirt off–which is then captured by a computer and spit out as a book.
Speaking of which, check out this weirdly haunting mechanized flipbook art installation by Diane Landry, using an old dictionary for the pages.

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