Sunday, May 18, 2008


Shave, New World

Think advertising's tin-eared co-opting of lit is new? From the Airminded blog, an amazing 1937 Daily Mail ad that rips off Wells and Huxley to hawk... shaving cream?

What of the future? What shall we wear? Eat? Drink? Shall we live in glass houses? Travel in Gyroplanes and wear Television on our wrists? Who knows? But we do know how we shall shave — for “Field-day” is one of the ‘Things to Come’ that’s here already! Revolutionary! Incomparably better! Different — not only from lather but from other ‘brushless’ creams. Fast — for the age of speed. Blades last longer. Simple and safe, too! Safe because you can see through “Field-day” as you shave instead of blindly guessing! Made with pure Olive Oil .. free from Caustic Alkali (an essential part of lather!) Made for the Future. On sale NOW. Are you going to wait — or be one of the ‘Moderns’? For the sake of your skin and your razor-blades do step out of that rut.

What I love about this ad is that apparently the future is based on olive oil. Which surely was futuristic in... I don't know, maybe 1000 B.C.?

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