Sunday, May 27, 2007


THRILL to the Romance!

FEEL the glamour!
LIVE the awkward radio interviews over unread ARCs!
EAT the Cinnabons on early morning United Shuttle flights!

Here's a story from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, who apparently are not kidding:
Australian thriller writer Matthew Reilly will move to the US later this year after selling a TV pilot called Literary Superstars to Sony.

The 32-year-old Sydney-based writer, better known for novels such as Ice Station and The Six Sacred Stones, has told ABC News Online the Sex in the City-style show will detail the exploits of a publishing industry publicist.

"The way to sustain the show, I figured, was to tell it from the point of view of a publicist who travels and works with a new eccentric author each week," he said.

"To me, watching an author write would be boring but watching them grapple with the media obligations of selling a book would be much more interesting."

A Sex in the City-style show about... book touring?

I'm developing a competing TV pilot, tentatively titled: No Sex in Whatever The Hell This City Is And Oh Shit I Forgot to Get a Receipt for That $4 Snickers from the Minibar.

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