Saturday, April 28, 2007


Crush! I am Crushing Your Headline!

Well, after a spell away -- research in London beckoned! -- I am back to find this great Ed Park piece on Harry Stephen Keeler's attempt to swipe the poetry of Edna St. Millay.

Meanwhile, over at Caleb Crain's blog, a fascinating new post comparing the order in which states outlawed slavery to the order in which they are legalizing gay civil unions.

At Slate, the courtroom transcript of the week from the Phil Spector trial. Arresting LAPD officer Derek Gilliam is on the stand:
Gilliam is the nephew of Terry Gilliam, the noted film director and former member of Monty Python. Gilliam told Spector this after Spector mentioned his association with [Python producer] George Harrison.

Q: How did he respond to your comment that your uncle was a famous person associated with Monty Python?

A: He called me a liar.

Q: And how did you respond to that?

A: I said, "I have no reason to lie to you."

Q: How did he respond when you told him that?

A: He said that he dealt with officers that have made those claims before.

And finally, thanks to the Oregonian, an industrial crushing and shredding company that runs a "Shred of the Month" video gallery. This month: torpedoes.

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