Sunday, January 07, 2007


Editing Raymond Carver: The Early Years

Today's Oregonian has a profile by Jeff Baker of Knopf's Gary Fisketjon, an editor known for his work with Raymond Carver, Richard Ford, Cormac McCarthy and Jay McInerary, among others.

Why the Oregonian? Because Fisketjon grew up here in glorious Oregon:

Golf was Fisketjon's passion growing up in Salem, but the mink ranch always came first. It was labor-intensive, and Fisketjon was the laborer from the time he was 4, feeding, checking and cleaning up after hundreds of aggressive animals that love to eat and bite the hand that feeds them.

"It was hard work," Fisketjon says. "Our ranch bordered on a park, and I remember looking out and watching my friends play while I was shoveling mink (manure)."

Incidentally, Fisketjon does not recommend them as pets: "If one ever got loose, every dog and cat in the neighborhood would be dead in 24 hours."

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