Sunday, December 10, 2006


A Staple of My Diet

English as She is Spoke's descendants continue their reign of linguistic terror:

Redstone’s Christmas 2006 offering, Dr Clock’s Handbook, is an elegant hardback celebrating the absurd. Open it, and you might find extracts from a skew-whiff English phrasebook, compiled by literal translations of phrases in another language: examples include “Have you say that?”, “He does me some kicks”, and “I have mind to vomit”. Turn over, and you come across a picture of mashed potato with (possibly) an adornment of peas....

(The Times of London)
A book after my own heart. Read on --

....Next to that is David Shrigley’s London Tube map: an exact reproduction of the official one, except that in place of the grid is a jumble of spirals.

Another illustration is simply:

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