Sunday, December 31, 2006


Dickens on the Big Screen

I am referring, of course, to an actual wooden screen.

Macdonnell Rare Books has this curious item listed in their catalogue:

Dickens, Charles. THREE-PANEL ROOM SCREEN. [ca. 1890-1910]
This reading screen (or rather large fire-place screen, or rather small room divider) measures approximately five feet ten inches tall, each panel measuring twenty inches wide, connected by brass hinges. Each panel is covered on both sides with identical buff color wall paper printed in blue-green ink, over wooden panels, with muslin piping held by upholstery tacks, depicting the major characters and scenes from Dickens' novels: David Copperfield, Aunt Betsy & Mr. Dick; Dolly Varden; Mr. Pecksniff, Tom Pinch & Mark Tapley; Barnaby Rudge; The Blue Dragon; The Bull Inn, Holborn; Mr. McCawber, Dan'l Peggotty & Uriah Heap; Mr. Bumble; Mr. Pickwick & His Friends; The Old Curiosity Shop; Peggotty's House; and Sairey Gamp.... A wonderful artifact, of striking appearance, ideal for the library. Nobody can see what you're doing behind this screen, and you can do things you wouldn't dream of doing behind, say, a Thackeray screen...
USD $1650.00

Certainly it's more fun than anything you'd do behind an Ernest Hemingway Screen....

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