Sunday, November 05, 2006


Duck and Hardcover

An Oklahoma City candidate for state superintendent is examining the ability of textbooks at stopping bullets:

Crozier believes students could use the reading material while running away from an attacker. "The reason we are doing this experiment is because there was a kid in Fort Gibson who was shot in the back but the bullet did not penetrate his textbook." Using an assault rifle and various pistols, Crozier and his colleagues shot several textbooks in this home made video.
(Hat tip to Bookfinder)

Noted without irony in the story:

When asked about Crozier's idea the current state superintendent, Sandy Garrett, said she has implemented a statewide anonymous safety hotline for schools. In addition, every school is required to have a safe school committee and a state issued safe school handbook.

No yet word on the ballistics results for that handbook.

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