Sunday, June 04, 2006


We Heart Cabinet

Issue 20 of Cabinet gets a nice write-up in yesterday's Guardian, along with this look at a particularly entertaining piece by Paul Laity:

Paul Laity's "Brief History of Cranks" is a spry and opportune look at the "brown rice and bicycle" mob who first urged Britons to commune with nature, renounce meat and cast off their shoes - or "leather coffins", to use the rather emotive phrase preferred by the gay nudist sandal apostle Edward Carpenter. George Bernard Shaw was one vegetarian socialist, however, who failed to be won over by such progressive footwear. Given a pair, he found they cut his feet and vowed never to wear them again.

Actually, the Guardian's a little slow off the mark here, because issue 21 is already out -- but no matter, all the praise for one issue of Cabinet is just as apt for another. Cabinet and The Believer are the only magazines I've saved every issue of, if that tells you something.

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