Saturday, June 10, 2006


Stephen Cubed to the Steventh Power

Ed Park discovered a Baldwin brother's memoir press release that must be seen to be believed.

A brief excerpt:

Baldwin explains that it took everything life has shown him, from his experiences at the PLAYBOY Mansion to being on many sets and jet-setting across the world to make him realize that none of these material accomplishments compare to his faith.... Baldwin will take the country by storm by driving in his CUSTOMIZED GM CUBE called the “Lord’s Lounge” which boasts the cover of the book shrink wrapped around the gnarly vehicle while also creating the spectacle of the true STEVIE B experience, illustrating what it is like to be the UNUSAL SUSPSECT. Be on the look out for baby Baldwin driving the CUBE to a city near you!

Apparently the "Stevie B experience" did not involve spellchecking. Know why? Because spellcheck's for sissies! Boo-yah!

One thing Ed and I haven't been able to figure out: what the hell is a GM Cube? It doesn't turn up on google, which leads me to the only logical conclusion: Stephen Baldwin is conducting his book tour in an actual cube.... filled with water.

Take that, David Blaine!

For a chaser to follow your Stevie B Experience, might I suggest this amazing Portland Mercury interview with Steven Seagal about his blues band? (No, not a misprint.) And, of course, his next movie project....

Is it a movie about the blues?

Yeah. I mean, in my opinion, this will be the most important blues movie ever made, and that's not to say someone won't make a better one, but up until now I will promise you this will be the most authentic blues movie ever made....

So it's blues and action at the same time?

Yeah, of course.

Yeah. Of course!

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