Sunday, March 26, 2006


Now Available at SkyMall

Alright, I'll admit those N+1 kids have some gumption. Moxie, even!

Their website has this call for magazine distribution via carry-on bags:

If you're planning to travel to any major extra-US city, including but by no means limited to Lisbon, Nice, Madrid, Milan, Barcelona, Berlin, Geneva, Zagreb, Sarajevo, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Brussels, Dublin, Oslo, Reykjavik, Sydney, Vienna, Krakow, Ljubljana, Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, Athens, Frankfurt, Bombay, New Delhi, Cape Town, Freetown, Tokyo, or the Hague, and you'd be willing to convey a few issues of n+1 to a bookstore there, we'd be very grateful.

Best of all would be if you were departing from New York. But elsewhere might work too, especially if you're headed to some exceptionally exotic place.
How about Iowa? -- Does Iowa count as exotic?


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