Saturday, February 11, 2006


Earn Five Shillings!

After I posted last weekend about the wonderful UK reissue of The Week-End Book, John Boling at Overlook Press emailed to say that it is indeed getting reissued in the US -- and sure enough, an Amazon page has now appeared for it, listing a release date of June 22nd.

In the mean time, I will pass along one of John's favored quotations from the book, this from a chapter entitled The Law And How You Break It, explaining the fine points of flotsam and jetsam:
When it cannot be ascertained who is owner of such goods, then, if they are found in the sea, they belong to the finder. But all wrecks and wreckage cast ashore are in general the perquisites of the Crown, unless the owner of the land on which they are found has a legitimate "grant of wreck".... Week-enders (and other persons) who happen to find a corpse on the shore are obliged to notify the police within six hours. The reward for fulfilling this obligation is five shillings.

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