Saturday, December 10, 2005


Lobster Boy Meets Girl

Today's Daily Telegraph has a splendid round-up of the year in nutty books, including such titles as How To Stage a Military Coup and Dirty Fan Male: A Life in Rude Letters. Most intriguing is Guillaime Lecasble's novel Lobster:

A fable of crustacean love. Our hero is a lobster aboard the Titanic. From his tank, he watches his father being eaten by a pretty girl. Then the boat founders and Lobster escapes. Aboard the sinking ship, Angelina, the girl who ate his dad, knows a brief but shattering moment of physical love with Lobster. Then they are separated. They pine for each other. Angelina tries having sex with another lobster, with disastrous results. Death smells of bay leaves.

Say, shelve this alongside Lemon and Butter, and you got yourself a meal! A dirty, dirty meal.

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