Saturday, November 26, 2005


Blame Her For Mushy Peas...

The oldest known cookbook in the English language has turned up in Derbyshire, reports the BBC:

Her Cookery Book, written in 1742 by Mary Swanwick, includes a range of unknown dishes such as squichanary pye and Stoughtons drops. The book, which also includes instructions for stewed calf's head, was donated to the Derbyshire Record Office by an anonymous Stockport man.

Archivists are still trying to decipher much of its faded handwriting. Staff at the records office said they had an older recipe book, though nowhere near as comprehensive as Mary Swanwick's, which features about 100 dishes. Among the ingredients needed for squichanary pye are a type of parsnip not commonly available now, spices, candied oranges and lemon and white wine.

There's no links up for it yet, but plans have been announced for the book to be reprinted in 2006....

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