Saturday, October 08, 2005



As if on cue after this week's fine TLS introduction to psychogeography, today's Telegraph brings us word of a rather unusual guide to Britain:

Dixe Wills has produced The Z-Z of Great Britain, published on Thursday by Icon Books. A jocular guide to all 41 places in Britain beginning with what the Earl of Kent in King Lear called the "unnecessary letter", it features such out-of-the way delights as Zabulon in Carmarthenshire (Population: two), Zeal Monachorum in Devon and Zoar on the mainland of Shetland ("What's There? A 1950s crofter's house; the ruins of a much older crofter's house; the ruins of another crofter's house which is older than the current one but not as old as the other one; some grass; some cliffs; 33 sheep").
If this does well, expect up to 25 sequels....

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