Saturday, October 29, 2005


Your Art Criticism Makes Baby Jesus Cry

An amazing discovery by Nathan Rabin over at The Onion -- Nathan will, by the way, be joining me for a splendiferous McSweeney's event at Quimby's this coming Tuesday night.

So: it seems that Yakov Smirnoff... yes, that guy... is also a painter:

As a painter, Smirnoff has approximately four themes. They are, in order:
1. God bless America.
2. After September 11th Lady Libery cried and the bald eagle soared and the flag waved majestically and Uncle Sam put his foot in terrorists' asses
3. Children are the future
4. Jesus loves America and children and hates the terrorists and joined Lady Liberty in weeping after September 11th.

A full listing of Smirnoff's paintings can be found here:

My personal favorite is one of two paintings of Jesus laughing. Though they're both masterpieces of unintentional uber-kitsh I prefer the first one, since it makes Jesus look like Maurice Gibbs of the Bee Gees in the midst of a three-day Ecstasy binge.

Really? I mean, Nathan must be exaggerating at least a little. No one could possib...

Oh. My. God.

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