Sunday, July 10, 2005


Write About Chairs... Without Leaving Yours!

This article in yesterday's Washington Post pounces on Target for a bit of design thievery:

Knockoff of a Classic Chair Just Doesn't Sit Right

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but what Target has done to the venerable Navy chair shows disrespect. The web store offers a "Cafe Aluminum side chair" from Asia for $249.99 a pair. The online listing describes the chair as a "classic design." That's true. The image closely resembles an American classic: the Emeco 1006 Navy chair...

Yes. I think it shows a fine sense of humor by Post editors to run an article decrying knockoffs... which is itself a knockoff of a New York Times piece written a month ago by Ernest Beck.

Incidentally, notice how "The image closely resembles" an Emeco? Translation: the Post writer has not, in fact, seen the Target chair they are writing about.

Oh, and: both the Times and the Post raise a fuss about the $370 Emeco chair knocked-off at $125 apiece at Target. Pshaw. K-mart has an Emeco lookalike for $39.99. Perhaps a trip to Target is close as any design writer is willing to venture near the unfabulous masses...

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