Sunday, July 31, 2005


Repo Librarian

If you live in Stirling, don't you dare miss the due date on a library book. The BBC reports:

The [collection] letter, addressed to Breagh [Hannan] and her mother Gillian, read:"This is your final notice to return the items listed below: Sindy Annual 2002. If the matter is not resolved within the next week the information will be passed to the sheriff's officer for action." ... Mrs Hannan said: "...We couldn't believe they were threatening a little girl with debt collectors for forgetting to return a Sindy annual. Breagh was upset. She saw me open the letter and said 'sorry mummy but I don't know where the book is'. She thought she was in terrible trouble..... The first we heard was when the council threatened to send the sheriff's officers round. It's ridiculous to be taking that level of action against a six-year-old girl who has not returned a book."

Mr Hannan said he had written to the council immediately, fearing the move could affect the family's credit rating.

The Stirling town council says it was a mistake: I should hope so. If Equifax starts tabulating overdue library books, I'm in trouble....

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