Saturday, June 04, 2005


Masters of Atlantis

Everybody keeps telling me to read Charles Portis, and I still haven't got around to it. Why? Because I am a bad person.

Anyway, Newsday has a promising-sounding review by Scott McLemee about yet another Portis I Haven't Read:

Do the Rosicrucians still run those magazine ads where they offer to initiate you into the occult sciences by mail? I haven't seen one in years. But perhaps I am reading the wrong magazines. The ads seemed to have been designed in the 1930s and never updated. My hunch is that the Rosicrucian grandkids knew better than to mess with any part of the family business. There'll always be a market for ancient wisdom, reasonably priced.

The imaginary history of a similar organization, the Gnomon Society, is recounted in Charles Portis' comic masterpiece "Masters of Atlantis," first published in 1985 and currently available in paperback from Overlook Press.

Say... what did happen to those ads? Are those Rosicrucian guys all working for Jack Chick now?

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