Saturday, January 22, 2005


Winner of the Title Title

The Guardian covers a topic dear to my heart: strange book titles. The 2004 winner in a Bookseller magazine poll, by a whopping 42% of the vote: How To Bombproof Your Horse.

It replaces the currently reigning champion from 2003, The Big Book of Lesbian Horse Stories -- there's just something about about horses and book titles, I guess -- and joins such illustrious previous winners as Design for Impact: 50 Years of Airline Safety Cards and Hot Topics in Urology. Oh, and my all-time favorite: How To Avoid Huge Ships.

There is an entire book of such splendid stuff, incidentally: Bizarre Books by Russell Ash and Brian Lake. It appears to be out of print now, but there's plenty of cheap copies around on bookfinder and the like. If you care at all about such things, you simply must install this book permanently as bathroom reading; also, put it on a chain, because one of your friends will surely steal it.

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