Saturday, January 08, 2005


Der Very Hungry Gleiskettenfahrzeug

Turns out the Greatest Generation nearly pulverized our Illiterate-in-Chief's favorite author:

[Eric] Carle was born in Syracuse, N.Y., where one of his most vivid memories is sunlight streaming through the classroom windows. At age 6, Carle moved with his German immigrant parents to Germany shortly before World War II began. He has bitter recollections of the life he encountered there. "Things got grayer and grayer, even the houses," he recalls, noting that even the buildings were painted a uniform gun-metal color to conceal them from air raids.

Timothy Cahill's profile of Carle in the Christian Science Monitor goes on to note how Carle's subsequent children's book art "can be viewed as both a reflection and repudiation of his childhood years in Germany. "

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