Sunday, January 30, 2005


Black Books

BBC America has at long last answered my assorted prayers, curses, and chicken entrail sacrifices and is finally running Black Books Thursdays at 9:30 ET and 11:30 PT. For those of you who missed it when Comedy Central ran it exactly once in the dead of night a couple years ago, it's an absurd comedy set in a disintegrating used-bookstore (as all television shows should be, in my opinion), and stars Bill Bailey and the perpetually soused Dylan Moran. I can't say that I ever resorted to eating dead bees off the window sill in my brief time working in a British used bookshop, as Bailey's character does in one episode... but do not doubt that the thought had occurred to me.

So far it looks like BBC America is only running the first season of Black Books. Those converted by the show's short run here will find all three seasons on DVD at . It's coded for European DVD players, of course, but I find that Windows XP and OS 10.2 on my iMac both have no trouble at all playing it.

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